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CR PODCAST 36 DAILON - Alignment-

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Art by Low

Art by Low

CASCADE RECORDS is very proud to present " alignment" CR podcast 36 mixed by DAILON from Nashville (Tennessee) , United States.

DAILON is in The place to be!

What up guys!! Spring is here and summer is fast approaching, even the cherry trees have began to blossom in Japan. We are always looking for someone who can bring the quality beats best to celebrate the return of the sun and we've got one. This week we bring you a producer who goes by the name DAILON from Nashville (Tennessee) aka the Music City.

DAILON gives us an intriguing and well-executed mix, with some fresh new beats of his own, all in all bringing many moments of deep vibes to our ears!

Let's have a few words with D!

CR- Where are you from?
D- I grew up most of my life in Nashville, Tennessee (known as the Music City) in the SouthEast United States, and St. Louis, Missouri in the Midwest. Then I moved to Colorado just last year to explore different places, meet new people, and work on bringing my music to other parts of the country.

CR- How would you describe your beats?
D- My music is just a constant source of emotional output for myself. I feel its the best, and easiest, way for me to express my feelings. Its really a blend of all the music that has inspired me over my life. When I write in the lab, music and mood go hand-in-hand, its all what I'm feeling at the moment.

CR- What is your main inspiration??
D_ Man, I take inspiration from lots of shit. Deeper things like crazy events taking place in our world today, people in my life, the atmosphere surrounding me at the time, etc. Then simple stuff like shit I was into when I was a kid (old school video games for sure), good food, the sky (night and day), fucking SPACE and the STARS, inanimate objects, etc. I think having my music be a source of inspiration to other folks is more inspiring to me than anything else.

CR- Gears of choice?
D-I'm always trying to add new equipment. Right now my set up isn't too crazy, I definitely wouldn't be anything without Ableton Live 8. I have an Akai MPK49, a Microkorg, a turntable to rip some vinyl here and there. Next on my list is an SP-303 or 404, love the sound you can get with those.

CR- Can you describe your mix for CR?
D- This mix is mostly different, more underground producers that I feel are really pushing the envelope and making some incredible forward thinking music but maybe not getting heard as they should. These cats have all really inspired me as well. I wanted there to be a message involved as well (i.e, the starting w Free by Goodie Mob, and the closing thoughts from a really wise dood Robert Bauval.)

CR- Tell 'em about your plans?
D- Just keep making music and doing what I can to help spread new, underground shit that most people probably won't get around to hearing.

CR- Favorite food and drink?
D-Haha, damn hard question... I'm from the south so I love some good BBQ. Overall probably St. Louis style pizza though, you can't get it anywhere else in the country and its fucking amazing, my mouths watering now. I'm obsessed with Chai tea and Belgian style ales in the drink department right now.

CR- What is your favorite beat you've heard recently?
D- Damn, another really hard one. Beats that I listen to multiple times a week still just cause I need them in my life at all times is Sun Tan by Mike Slott, Bopgunn (instrumental) by Heralds of Change (Slott and Mohawke). I can't stop listening to Shlohmo's "Places" release. Just perfect music to listen to kickin it throughout your day.

CR- Specials shouts?
D-Shouts to everybody I fucking know. All my closest homeys back in the Southeast, my family in the Midwest, my family in TN, my amazing Colorado fam, my fucking SOUNDCLOUD FAM! The Cascade crew for given me the opportunity to do this. Big love to everyone out there making music, trying to inspire by way of sound, and doing something different. Keep on widdit :)


Many Thanks to Dailon and Low


Artwork by Low


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CR POD 36 -Alignment- by DAILON 042011 by cascade records




"Alignment" by DAILON

Tracklist /

1. Goodie Mob - Free  [A quick word by Daniel Johnston]
3. Filthy Ingredients - Boat
4. Ages - Rest Pt. 1
5. Ben Jamin - LA Riot
6. Clear Blue - To the Moon
7. Gloam - Aqueous Warp
8. Option Command - Radio Echo
9. Malefique - Rubberduck Tango
10. Jables - Bad Dream
11. FaDee - Fuckin Brain Man
12. ELOS - Meals on Wings
13. AL_PD - Calidreams
14. Dirty Stanz - Synthetic Genius
15. Dailon X Weirddough - Remain
16. Dailon - Shockwave
17. Dailon X Lockbox - DKPWR
18. Stikz - Weeoa
19. Jondis - Like wha
20. Electric Sea Spider - Coke Bugs
21. Blank & Kytt - Too Special
22. Handbook - Steamy Windows
23. Dailon - Transcentdance
24. Gungkst - Mensleisurewear
25. Warren XCLnce - EARGASMM
26. Markets - Aktiv Blakk
27.  Dailon - Future Paradise
28.  Dailon - Timeticker
[Closing thoughts by Robert Bauval]