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Art by Hired Monkeez

Art by Hired Monkeez

CASCADE RECORDS is very proud to present “UNDERGROUND JAPAN” podcast 17 mixed by BUGSEED from Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo is burning!

Hiphop music owes a lot to Japan!  A concrete example of this is the classic MPC!!  (Originally designed by Roger Linn and manufactured by Akai.)  Japan's contribution doesn't stop at the MPC either. MC's and Producer's in the U.S. and Japan have been trading ideas and working together since the early 1990s creating a rich HipHop legacy between the two.  And, in the here and now, there are many talented new artists who are building on, refreshing, and contributing to that legacy!  We at CR immediately think of producers like ichiro_, Repeat Pattern, RLP, Daisuke Tanabe, Yosi Horikawa, and ...especially our supa hero of the week, BUGSEED!!  (We really recommend you download his free beat album, Bohemian Beatnik, released earlier this year.)

This mix you're about to listen to is deep, classic, underground Hiphop -the pure Japanese shit for that pure HipHop experience! Only exclusive tracks, the real REAL, and we like that!


Our talk with Bugseed

CR- Where are you from?
BUG- I'm from Tokyo, Japan.

CR- How would you describe your sound?
BUG- art of sampling.

CR- Do you regret a certain period of Hiphop or do you think always been alive and relevant at every evolutionary step?
BUG- I dont care about it.

CR- Can you give us the masters who inspired you musically?
BUG- pete rock & dj krush!

CR- Can you describe your mix for CR?
BUG- simply, its japanese hiphop mix. get an opportunity to listen these japanese shits.

CR- What are your future musical projects?
BUG- fancy mike remix, rapohnelizenz compilation vol.2, soapbox worldwide project, and some new EPs will be coming soon..

CR- Your favorite Heroes or Heroines in Fiction?

BUG- Tengu

CR- Your favorite Heroes or Heroines in real life?
BUG- i dont know ;(

CR- Favorite Motto?
BUG- skate and destroy


Thanks for sharing this shit with us Bugseed!



Artwork by Hired Monkeez


Download it Here

Listen Here :



CR PODCAST 17 by Bugseed -Underground Japan- 102010 by cascade records



Tracklist /

01.bobo the trimmer - mikan no tsuki
02.kan & o2 - alergy feat.sibit
03.el nino - tenjin to the world
04.anjiki joey - kachibigaku ebinoma 2/6 feat.nagan server
05.el nino - re revolution
06.irc - bokura chika tansakudan
07.irc - tsukinami no shit
08.mic jack production - seven seas voyage
09.b.i.g joe - lost dope