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CR PODCAST 54 by Morpheground

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Art by Tom Hill

Cascade is very proud to present CR podcast 54 mixed by Morpheground from Vicenza, Italy

What up guys !
Cascade Records is glad to present to you our first supa guest of 2013!
And we begin this year, that will be full of promises huge surprise, with this ridiculous mix
by the talented producer Morphegrond straight out Vicenza, Italia.
Morpheground recently released a FAT track "inhale" for Sir Froderick's amazing " The Brief Wondrous" on Cascade Records.
Well now it's time that I shut my mouth to make room for the real music.
Enjoy fam, we are in 2013 !

Art by Tom Hill

Talk with Morpheground...

CR - Where are you from?
Morpheground - I was born in Italy and I'm of Italian and African-American origin. I moved around a bit but I currently live in a town in north-east italy called Vicenza.

CR - What got you involved with music ?
M - I get distracted easily by most things, but rhythm always got my attention or distracted me most from "important things in life".
I've always been fascinated by sound, which has a really abstract nature but conveys more meaning than words or sometimes images ever will.
At first when you're a kid you try and make rhythms by banging on the table or with your mouth, and before you know about certain types of music you don't even realise you're kinda drumming or beatboxing.
So years later I started diggin into Hiphop, and about 10 years ago I found the right software and started making the first beats.
Also my family played a lot of records and tapes from Soul to Blues to Rock, Jazz, Italian classics. I've been taught how to play the guitar a little bit with a lot of attempts starting at the age of 6 and haven't improved much since. :)

CR -How would you describe your sound ?
M - I think it's a clash of things. I like to vary a lot with rhythm patterns, percussions that follow completely different speeds from one another and also Instruments that you wouldn't necessarily hear on the next Justin Bieber album, and I try to avoid getting stuck in a box or two. I've been studying mostly blues and jazz improvisation on the keyboard these last few years, so there's a bit of that but I still got a long way to go.
Genres are cool to get your message across to people or to research, but when you're making music I think it limits your ideas if you think "i wanna make this kind of track".
Also I tend to leave criticism at the end of a project and not worry too much while I'm making new sounds.

CR - Main inspiration ?
M - Food, travelling, languages, cultures, life, people, people that are enthusiastic about what they do, conversations both deep or stupid. New music, new chords, new sounds and instruments, anything new, instrument dynamics, problems and getting away from them for a while. I also believe change and breaking from routine is a great source of inspiration.

CR - Favorite piece of gear ?
M - A laptop i've been using for the last 7 years, and a pretty standard 5 octave midi keyboard. I also use a Korg Nanokontrol, and a Launchpad.
As for software I've been using FL Studio most of the time i've been making beats, and I use Ableton Live for shows or mixes.
I'm looking into buying a smaller keyboard so I can jam during shows. A Micro Korg or of course any type of Moog would be dope, but i'm broke.

CR - Can you describe your mix for Cascade ?
M - It's all about contrast, a mix of soft sounds with eclectic and unusual rhythms mixed with more relaxed vibes. Those are some of my favorites and most tracks are from people I've known through these years. A few I don't know too well or I don't know them at all, but I really love their sound. I really had fun making it and hopefully that can be heard as well.

CR - A New projects ?
SW - I got a new project coming out real soon, FINALLY. It's called DejaVoo so whatchout for that. Also got more things but it's gonna take a while to figure out titles.

CR - Special shouts ?
M - A shout out to the whole fam on the mix for all the dope music and a big thanks to the whole Cascade Crew for the opportunity! A shout out to my neighbors that somehow make more noise I do. Much love to all the people that listen and support what I do, it has been great so far!

CR - Favorite Motto?
M - In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Shouts to Morpheground !!!

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Artwork by Tom Hill

Download it Here
Available also on Itunes

CR Podcast 54 by Morpheground

Tracklist /

  1. Randy Crawford - You Bring The Sun Out
  2. Fulgeance - Hiver Normand (Josip Klobucar Remix)
  3. ContaineR - Quack Methods
  4. Elaquent - Carpe Diem
  5. Kutmah - Drums for the ladies
  6. Knxwledge - seenikRowt
  7. Slugabed - Sex
  8. DevonWho - Sleet
  9. Sir Froderick - MakeAFamily (Ft. Time Wharp)
  10. fLako & Shuanise - Untitled
  11. Benny B. Blonco - Wizard Swing Warriors
  12. (LIVE MASH) Mndsgn - Kmptble x Aaliyah - Rock the boat x Bibio Lovers' Carvings (Letherette Remix)
  13. Morpheground - Silver Line (Robot Glasper Experiment)
  14. Knxwledge - wntwrk
  15. Duktus - Complet
  16. Elaquent - Montreal Poutine
  17. Josip Klobucar - Creative Slice
  18. DevonWho - Taurus-shorty
  19. Morpheground - Lego
  20. Hellomynameisra - My Rough Way To Say Goodbye
  21. Duktus - Schwing
  22. Morpheground - Ripples On A Blank Shore